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  • Nearshore software development
  • IT projects outsourcing
  • Web Applications and Portals
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  • Set up your own dedicated software development team in Poland
  • Manage them as a own team linked to your company
  • Reduce employment costs
  • Reduce software development project budget


  • Need the right IT expert in short time for your software development project?
  • Synergia Pro gives you acces to proffesional software developers on demand
  • .NET Software Developers and Engineers
  • Mobile Devices Software Developers and Engineers


Contact details

Software Development Company

Synergia Pro Sp. z o.o. is a software house providing software development and IT outsourcing services. Company is located in Wroclaw/Poland, which is one of the main IT centers in Eastern Europe. With more than 140 000 students, Wroclaw is a great place for software development business. Wide access to talented students assume Wroclaw University of Technology which is one of the most reputable University in Poland.

Synergia Pro was founded in 2009. Our team consists of professional software developers with major experience in developing and implementing software addressed for business and public sector. We also have strong recruitment ability and cooperate with group of freelancers in cases when more resources is needed in short time.

We provide full range of nearshore and offshore software development services, from custom programming services to custom application development project. Further, we also offer maintenance, post-implementation services, administration and support to our customers. You can hire our resources to expand your development team or order full cycle software development project.

Outsourcing IT

We provide wide range of IT outsourcing services, from customized application development tailored to individual needs, through development of existing software to the long-term support and maintenance. We also provide remote software developers on demand and building dedicated development team. You can hire our resources to expand your development team, set up your own software development team in our office in Poland or order part/full cycle software development project.

For our customers we undertake complete IT software development projects as well as help in developing existing software - software development services. Customer decides whether to let us work on the whole IT project, part of it or just on a few tasks. In cooperation with our partners and customers, we also create, develop and tailor software to closely meet needs of our future users - custom application development

Our nearshore software development services are targeted to a wide range of customers, which include: companies that want to reduce IT project costs, companies that want to outsource some of their services by an outside company, companies that want to reduce the number of new employees and costs associated with their employment, companies that want to create, develop and tailor software with aid of our team consisting of experienced professionals.

We specialize in .NET Web Applications and Portals.

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